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Jai Hind
Jai Hind

Our Kolkata Twenty 20 Cricket Association is affiliated to Indian Twenty 20 Cricket Federation (ITCF-INDIA) has been organizing Twenty 20 Inter-District/ Inter-club Cricket Tournaments in State. Keeping in mind that in Kolkata City, hundred of poor cricket players are playing cricket but golden opportunities are less and hidden talents are surplus. Kolkata is a big City for playing cricket. Kolkata Twenty 20 Cricket Association (KTCA-029-E.Z.) is big official/legal platform for these neglected surplus talented poor cricket players from all over Kolkata who cannot avail any opportunity to come forward to play official cricket and serve the State and Country through their cricket talent. These surplus players i.e from Government  Schools,  Village and  Small Town Street  waste  their  time, money  and talent

by playing under false/fake associations/club/academies, and even most players involve in human smuggling and spoil their future. The only motive of these above referred fake associations/club/academies, is to collect the money from these innocent players.



To promote and develop the game TWENTY 20  CRICKET and Twenty-20 Innings Cricket from grass-roots level in Kolkata. So as to provide the right opportunity to Govt. School/ College/Small Town Street cricket players having poor/backward back-rounds.


To grant recognition to Clubs.


To organize Inter-Zonal Twenty 20 Cricket championships at senior and junior levels in the Kolkata for Boys, Girls, Men & Women.


To participate in the Nationals and other recognized tournaments in the country, organized by Indian Twenty 20 Cricket Federation (ITCF-INDIA).


To keep proper control of affiliated Provincial and Zonal Units of KTCA.


To function as a sole controlling body in Kolkata in the game of Twenty-20 Cricket in Kolkata .


To raise funds for the association affiliated clubs to organize.


To grant permission to affiliated clubs to organize Zonal level Twenty 20 Cricket Competitions in the Zonal for Boys & Girls.


To organize Coaching Camps, Umpiring Seminars at various levels in Kolkata City.


To foster a spirit of comradeship amongst the recognized clubs.


To make grants to affiliated Clubs/Zonal Association.


To promote and develop the game Twenty 20 Cricket for Boys & Girls, Men & Women from grass root level in INDIA and provide the right opportunity to Government Schools/Zones/Small Town Cricket Players from poor backgrounds.


To maintain General Control of the Game of Twenty20 Cricket in Kolkata City  particularly with reference to the rules and regulation.


To seek such International and National Affiliation which may be instrumental in the development of the Game.


To encourage the promotion of the Zonal/City organization for a development of the game and affiliation to the Association


To co-ordinate Zone-City activities in respect of Twenty 20 Cricket game in all ways including Inter - Zonal Cricket Tournaments / Championships and the all India National Twenty 20 Cricket Championships for Seniors & Juniors both for Men - Women & Boys-Girls.


To secure participation in National Contest.


To promote, control and if necessary Finance visit of Foreign teams to INDIA and Indian teams to Foreign countries on rotation basis


To take such steps which may be conductive in general to the fulfillment of the objects of the Association.


To organize Cricket matches for charitable purpose.


To maintain library to communicate the material on the game to the affiliated Zonal/Club Units


To conduct Zonal Umpires/Coaches test in Kolkata City.


To publish literature on the game of Twenty 20 Cricket.


To organize All India Seminars on Cricket and to set up National Twenty20 Cricket Academy and Zonal Cricket Academies. To establish Cricket grounds in Kolkata City.

Cricket - Kolakata
KTCA-029 (E.Z.)

Affiliated to
Indian Twenty 20 Cricket Federation (ITCF-INDIA)

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